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All our treatment and control methods are based on the principles of integrated pest management.

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At Terminix Quebec, we firmly believe in the motto “prevention is better than a cure”. It is with this in mind that we service our customers. Since there are many factors that can influence your risk, it is important to establish the best prevention, management or extermination plan for you, depending on your situation, industry and region. Our expertise, in addition to our presence in most Canadian provinces, makes Terminix Quebec an obvious choice for all of Quebec and Canada.

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We comply with regulations and restrictions specific to your operating sector.



We adapt our services according to the specific needs of your business, whatever the type.



We protect your health and that of your loved ones by preserving your environment.

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Our pest control professionals meet specific needs in food, institutional, pharmaceutical, commercial, industrial and residential areas. We offer various services such as prevention, intervention, control, research alternatives, identification of insects and rodents, consultation by biologists and estimation.


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German cockroach

Also known as the American cockroach, the cockroach has a slow development, making its infestation easily manageable.

Carpenter Ant

Carpenter ants

An infestation of this type of ant is difficult to control, so it is better to minimize the risk.



Despite its innocuous appearance, the presence of this small rodent increases the risk of fire, contamination and disease.

Fruit Fly

Also called drosophila, this small fly is mainly attracted to decaying fruits and vegetables.