Our Ant Extermination Services at Your Disposal

Ants Extermination Services

We eliminate ants, by means of efficient and sustainable methods. Depending on the species involved, different means can be used to deal with the situation. In all cases, however, we prefer “integrated pest” methods, which minimize the use of insecticide products. However, if it is necessary to use such solutions, we ensure that they have a minimal effect on the environment and human health, using only products with low environmental impact. Terminix Quebec is present throughout Quebec and Canada, where more than 90 different ant species are listed. We therefore offer professional ant extermination services, tailored to each situation and species of ant we may encounter.

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Indeed, the methods to be employed in the face of the brown ant, the ant pharaoh, or the ravishing ant are not the same; hence the advantage of using our specialized knowledge of this environment to obtain an optimal result. So do not hesitate to call us if you do not know how to eradicate carpenter ants. Terminix Quebec teams are particularly well-suited to respond to any requests involving the many species of ants present in Québec; thanks to the presence of specialists, including biologists, environmental masters, agronomists or entomologists. In addition, we continuously train our experienced technicians with the newest techniques of the trade, in order to offer our clients the best possible service. So do not hesitate to call us to carry out an extermination carpenter ants or any other ants.