How to get rid of flies

08/25/2015 - Terminix Québec

It only takes a couple of warmer days for these two nuisances to come back in our houses: flies and fruits flies. But how can we get rid of them?

If these flies are mostly active during the summer, they can unfortunately appear at any time, especially fruit flies. Flies reproduce on animal and vegetal sources in decomposition, so if you find any during colder times, it should sound the alarm that there might be something wrong. You could inspect your basement and attic to make sure no rodent is hiding there.

Fruits flies like to lay their eggs on decomposing fruits and vegetables or fermenting liquids. To limit their spread, cover your trashcans and compost. Make sure you buy fresh fruits and vegetables from the grocery store, as that’s often how we bring them home, without realizing it. If you have to leave food on the counters, cover it.


Getting rid of flies

Flies are mostly harmless. Thankfully, they don’t bite! But, they do transmit thousands of bacteria and can be carriers of certain diseases, like tuberculosis and poliomyelitis. And let’s face it: they are truly annoying!

The first step to reduce the amount of flies in your home is inspecting every spot they could come in from. Some will keep entering when you open the doors, it’s inevitable, but by looking at every screen and window, you will help the situation, that’s for sure.

Like fruit flies, get rid of everything that could give them a spot to lay their eggs (everything that is decomposing, pet excrements, etc.) and cover your trashcans and compost.

Some flytraps are available. The good old sticky tape will work to capture some, when they are in smaller amounts.

Many of grandmas' tricks also have the reputation of repelling flies. Having mint, basil and lavender would repel them, so display these around your windows to dissuade the flies from entering. You can also do the same thing using citronella or lavender essential oil. Bonus: they smell good!

If you are facing a more severe case of fly infestation, consult a professional, like the Cameron Group, to get rid of them in the most efficient and ecofriendly way.

Getting rid of fruit flies

There’s a reason why when you drink red wine, fruits flies are quickly swimming in it: they love it! Use it to capture them. Pour a little bit of red wine, red wine vinegar, apple cider vinegar or balsamic vinegar (they like vinegar odours) in a small container. Cover it with a plastic pellicle (like Saran Wrap) and pierce small holes in it. The smell will attract them. They will be able to enter, but not get out.

Also with red wine, you can fill a small glass and add a couple of drops of dish soap. This will break the tension at the wine’s surface that would normally allow the fruit flies to land easily on the liquid. As they won’t be able to land on the soap and fly back, they’ll drown.

If you can’t get rid of fruit flies with these small tricks and the situation is bothering you, know that it’s possible to decontaminate your piping and drains. A simple use of pesticide only takes care of the adult fruit flies, which is why a good and efficient pest management is the solution to get rid of them completely.

So, are these tricks helping you?