How to get rid of mice?

08/25/2015 - Terminix Québec
You hear small noises in the walls and the ceiling? You are finding little “surprises” everywhere? Sounds like you have mice in the house… First, know that mice and other rodents bring two main dangers when they infest a house: disease transmission and household damage. They could even cause a fire from nibbling the electrical wires! Even if the infestation seems small, don’t wait! Mice can have up to 8 litters a year, each of them with 4 to 6 babies, sometimes event 10. So potentially, 80 kids per mouse. Knowing that it only takes 5 weeks before the female mouse can reproduce… that can mean 5000 mice in a year! You see that a small infestation can quickly become very problematic. Mice

How to detect mice

The first sign confirming the presence of mice is that you’ll find their excrements everywhere, looking like small chocolate crumbs. Since they produce between 50 and 80 of them each day, you should quickly find them. If you remove them and than new ones appear the next day, you know that the infestation is ongoing. As a rodent, mice have to constantly shorten their teeth, meaning they nibble at everything. You’ll see 2 parallel traces with 1-2 mm between them. You will also hear small scratching noises in the walls, since they are constantly on the move and looking for food. Mice don’t need water; the one they find in their food is enough. So they often build their nest far form water sources, as opposed to rats. You might also see greasy spots on the walls. Because mice use the same paths over and over, they end up leaving marks from their fur on the walls and the floors. If you stumble upon a mouse, dead or alive, it’s also are proof that they are in your house. Finally, their urine smells strong, especially in enclosed spaces.

Mice extermination

You can try some solutions before calling a professional exterminator. The traditional trap with a piece of cheese has worked before. It can be useful, especially if the infestation is at an early stage. But if you continue to see signs of mice presence after using a trap, act quickly and contact a professional! Poison against mice is also available in the form of small pellets. The problem with those products is that they are dangerous for pets and young kids, who might think they are candies. Also, if they are placed to close to the food, mice will opt for that – way more appetizing than poison- making the product ineffective. Some plants have a repulsive effect with mice: mint, camomile, lavender, cloves and peppers. Mice don’t really like these smells, but unfortunately, that doesn’t guarantee a mice-free house. As for the ultrasound devices, they do produce vibrations and sound waves that are unpleasant to mice and rats. On the other side, they can get use to it and come back. The most efficient and safe way to get rid of mice is always to call a professional. Our experts know the enemy, the ways to eliminate it, the dangers of products employed, and so, the precautions to take while using them.