Here is the list of measures to apply for outdoor pest control:

  • Make sure to close all the windows and doors.
  • Close the ventilation system and air conditioning during the treatment.
  • Do not leave clothing to dry on the clothes line or outside.
  • Store all the toys, bikes or other articles that could be contaminated.
  • If required, cover with a sheet of plastic and place them away from the perimeter of the building or any other area that will be treated.
  • Family pets must stay inside. Avoid letting them wander outside near the treated areas for a period of 48 hours following the treatment.
  • Store or cover the BBQ with a plastic sheet.
  • Avoid storing material and firewood along the building.
  • Make sure to eliminate organic products (dead leaves, lawn cuttings, branches…) under patios, porches and around the building.
  • Do not walk barefooted on treated surfaces for a period of 48 hours following the treatment.
  • It is recommended to inform your immediate neighbours that a treatment is to be performed by indicating the date and the preceded precautions if required.
  • Please refer to the technician report for any corrective action needed to be applied.


For your safety, as well as for the efficiency of this intervention, your collaboration is essential.

    • It is possible that the windows of your residence are slightly made dirty by our intervention.
    • We recommend you to wait for a minimum of 3 days before proceeding to the cleaning in the hand
      (No cleaning with flushing water).
    • The treatment will be perform by professionals, in a effective but security way for the occupants.
    • Pesticides being used are selected according to the Provincial and Municipal regulations, from the list of pesticides, authorized by the by the Pest Management Regulatory Agency (PMRA).

For further information, please contact: 1‑866‑226‑3766