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1. Eliminate fleas: Is it possible?

Rare are the people who love these little black critters. They come to us without invitation and suck the blood of our domestic animals. Not only do they arrive with a large family, but once they have taken up residence with you, it is hard to send them away. Yet, this embarrassing situation can quickly end with the right extermination. It is mainly in summer that fleas appear. They are not especially troublesome but as they feed on blood, they can cause discomfort to your pet. If your pet is infested with fleas, your home must be sure. Do not delay doing the big cleaning before these little black critters do not poison your life. In some points, it is possible to eradicate these unwanted guests. First, you must start by treating your home and your garden yourself. For this, there are chemicals to thoroughly clean your floors as well as carpets and other smooth surfaces.

3. When you see wasps, do you have to run or stay there?

When a wasp bothered us, attracted by a beverage or food, we must remain calm to avoid getting stung. But when you see a nest, it is better to keep your distance, because some wasps are aggressive. If they go to the attack, it is better to move away quickly! On the other hand, bees tolerate human presence. It is nevertheless necessary to avoid abrupt movements and to let them quietly go about their way.

5. Is the presence of insects in a house an indication of uncleanliness?

It is true that dusty carpets and dirty clothes attract dermests and moths, but a clean house can also house insects. Unintentionally, food is supplied to insects: cockroaches are attracted to pet food; untightened containers of flour and cereals, allow access to worms and other insects to slip in. On the other hand, a very humid dwelling favors the proliferation of insects that deteriorate wood and paper.

2. Are there any dangerous spiders in Quebec?

Spiders are not used to attack when handled delicately. If it happens that a spider bites, we must not worry, for its venom, capable of paralyzing or killing small animals, causes us only a temporary pain. In the United States, only a few species are considered dangerous: the black widow and some tarantulas.

4. Are earwigs dangerous?

Earwigs do not sting or bite, and have never pierced a single ear. Their long claws, too weak to inflict a wound on us, serve to intimidate their adversaries. They spend the day in the dark, sometimes crowded by hundreds under a stone, only to go out at night. They feed on plant debris, sometimes on vegetable plants, and get rid us of some harmful insects.