Respectful of the environment

In prevention, as in application of solutions, we always ensure to intervene in optimal conditions of success and protection of the environment. Our goal is to provide our clients with high-level knowledge and know-how in pest management, in order to protect the health and the surrounding environment.

Our Services

Whether in terms of the solutions, the way they are applied and the products offered, Terminix Quebec is showing a constant concern for the environment. To do this, we take advantage of distinctive ways, alternative control methods and an integrated pest management approach.

List of Available Products:

  • Household Insecticide
  • Domestic level rodent
  • Different sizes and types of cages and traps

Keeping rodents, birds and pests away from home: Guaranteed service


German cockroach

Also known as the American cockroach, the cockroach has a slow development, making its infestation easily manageable.

Carpenter Ant

Carpenter ants

An infestation of this type of ant is difficult to control, so it is better to minimize the risk.



Despite its innocuous appearance, the presence of this small rodent increases the risk of fire, contamination and disease.

Fruit Fly

Also called drosophila, this small fly is mainly attracted to decaying fruits and vegetables.