Our extermination services for mice and other rodents

The Best Solution For Mouse Extermination

Terminix Quebec is an expert in the control of Pests of any kind, especially when it comes to the extermination of mice. If you are invaded by rodents, extermination should be considered. This is preferable to passive methods, since mice reproduce very rapidly, with up to eight litters per year, each of which can be made up of six individuals. Rather than deciding to set up a system for the eradication of mice, it is better to call on a professional who knows the enemy at the same time, the means to eliminate it, the dangerousness of the products used and, therefore, the precautions to be taken accordingly. This is why Terminix Quebec is at your disposal for the extermination of mice.

Through our website, you can contact one of our representatives. Our staff will book an appointment and come to establish a diagnosis of the situation. After careful visual inspection of the building to find the various entry points and a needs assessment, he will draw up a treatment plan and submit it to you. For the extermination of mice, we have the solution.