Personalized Agri-Food Pest Management Program

Partner in compliance with the strictest hygiene measures, Terminix Quebec offers safe, ecological and personalized prevention and protection services.

Prevent pest infestation.

Do you know the phrase “prevention is better than cure”? This is true when talking about insect pests, rodents or Pests. Especially since there is no accountability in the agri-food sector: it is definitely simpler and much less expensive to choose pest management rather than extermination. However, extermination is sometimes necessary. Terminix Quebec uses natural and ecological products.

Protect yourself against insect pests and pests

Insect pests such as wasps, ants and other pests pose a risk to your business. Terminix Quebec’s customized pest management program aims to eliminate the problem of pests at the source and to guarantee a business without insect pests, rodents or pests. Pest management is achieved through the following methods:

  • Identification of the pest (s);
  • Identification of the problem (poor waste management, where the pest might enter, what may attract it, etc.);
  • Use of traps or hatches;
  • Indoor and outdoor treatment;
  • Extermination with pesticides or insecticides as a last resort.

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Insect Identification Service

Entomological and environmental consultation: identifying the insect pest

In cases where an insect invades our trade, we want to exterminate it as soon as possible, but before tackling a pest, it is better to get to know it. Terminix Quebec’s entomological consulting service can identify the pest:

  • Its biology;
  • Its life cycle and development;
  • His manners;
  • His habits;
  • His preferences,
  • Its power supply,
  • His behavior.

By identifying the pest, Terminix Quebec helps you find the most appropriate and fastest solution.

Odor Control

Exterminate unwanted odors!

When you have a bad odor problem in a company, you often have a tendency to mask the smell with very strong fragrance sprays. Far from solving the problem, this solution can sometimes aggravate the situation and amplify the bad odor and even give nausea or headaches to the people who work there. To eliminate a bad odor, one must first determine the source and the reason for it and then eliminate it at the source.

Indoor and outdoor treatment

Terminix Quebec offers Health Canada-approved pest control products for the food industry

When an ant colony effects your business, it is often because its living outside and moving in. In order to stop the problem of pests, Terminix Quebec treats the inside, but also the outside of your company, if needed. We work first by identifying pests, then find the appropriate solution that will be safe for you and your environment.