Customized Commercial Pest Management Program

Thinking about the well-being of your customers and employees within your company; Terminix Quebec offers safe prevention and protection services based on the principles of integrated pest management.

Prevent pest infestation rather than exterminate it

Do you know the adage “prevention is better than cure”? This is true when talking about insect pests, rodents or parasites. Especially since there is no half-measure in the commercial sector: it is definitely simpler and much less expensive to make parasitic management rather than extermination. However, extermination is sometimes necessary. Terminix Quebec uses low-impact products.

Protect yourself against insect pests and pests

IInsect pests such as wasps, ants and other pests can be dangerous for your business. Terminix Quebec customized pest management program aims to eliminate the problem of pests at the source and to guarantee a business without insect pests, rodents or pests. Pest management is achieved through the following methods:

  • Identification of the pest (s);
  • Identification of the problem (poor waste management, what may attract it, etc.);
  • Use of traps or hatches;
  • Indoor and outdoor treatment;
  • Utilizes pesticides or insecticides as a last resort

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Insect Identification Service

Entomological and environmental consultation: identifying the insect pest

When an insect invades our trade, we want to exterminate it as soon as possible. Most people will have the reflex to go and buy an insecticide that can be harmful both to them, to the environment, but especially that can prove ineffective. Before tackling a pest, it is best to get to know it. Terminix Quebec entomological consulting service can identify the pest:

  • Its biology;
  • Its life cycle and development;
  • His manners;
  • His habits;
  • His preferences,
  • Its power supply,
  • His behavior.

By identifying the pest, Terminix Quebec helps you find the most appropriate and fastest solution.

Control of small pests

Have rodents, squirrels, raccoons, birds or other creatures invaded your business?

Small mammals and birds can do damage in your business. Thanks to environmentally-friendly methods, Terminix Quebec will get rid of small pests. We do this in a variety of ways to get rid of rodents, birds and small pests:

  • Secure the premises: we find the point of entry of the pests and we create a plan to block access;
  • Unidirectional Exclusion: We create a path through which pests will be forced out and through which they will no longer be able to enter;
  • Hatches, traps and other tools: our team recovers trapped animals, such as raccoons, squirrels, opossums, and other pests;

Keeping rodents, birds and pests away from home: Guaranteed service

If the pests return to your business after our team has gone home, Terminix Quebec also returns! The service is guaranteed as long as you respect the plan that was started by our team.

Odor Control

Exterminate unwanted odors!

When you have a bad odor problem in a company, you often have a tendency to mask the smell with very strong fragrance sprays. Far from solving the problem, this solution can sometimes aggravate the situation and amplify the bad odor and even give nausea or headaches to the people who work there. To overcome a bad odor, one must first determine the source and the reason for then to be able to eliminate it. A dead animal in a wall or in a roof ? Mismanagement of waste?

Terminix Quebec finds the problem and eliminates it at the source. Then, thanks to natural and environmentally-friendly odor sprays, Terminix Quebec eliminates the odor and leaves a clean smell in your company.

Bathroom hygiene and common areas

Terminix Quebec : more than parasitic management

In addition to ensuring that your business is safe from pests and insects, Terminix Quebec also wants to ensure that your business is healthy, free from odor and hygiene problems. We consider that a clean place is a place where insect pests, rodents and pests have no place.

Whether its feminine hygiene receptacles, odor neutralizers for washrooms and common areas, or our self-cleaning pans and urinals, Terminix Quebec, will take care of your washrooms thanks to our Products that are gentle and safe for your occupants and customers. If there is a place, especially in a business, where hygiene is a priority, it is the bathroom.

The satisfaction of your customers depends on the cleanliness of the premises

Customers often judge shops on the cleanliness of the premises and especially that of the washroom. We have ecological and natural solutions to improve sanitation in restaurants, food shops and tourism.

Indoor and outdoor treatment

Terminix Quebec offers Health Canada-approved pest control products specific to the commercial sector

When an ant colony comes to your company, it is often because it used to live outside on the ground. In order to stop the problem of parasites, Terminix Quebec, treats the interior of your premises and, if necessary, the exterior of your building. We work first by identifying the pest, which then finds the appropriate solution that will be safe for you and your environment.

For efficient pest management

Once the problematic insect or animal has been identified, Terminix Quebec, can provide you with an external treatment that will be targeted according to whether the type of insect to be controlled or in the case of a rodent or an animal, a strategy of capture or extermination will be put in place. Insects and pests are patient and persistent: if they stay near you, they will find a way to return to your business.

Pest management is achieved through the following methods:

  • Identification of the pest (s);
  • Identification of the problem (poor waste management, what may attract it, etc.);
  • Use of traps or hatches
  • Indoor and outdoor treatment;
  • Utilizing pesticides or insecticides as a last resort.

Fogging Service

A technique that leaves no trace on the environment

Terminix Quebec cares about the environment and always uses the most natural product possible. Fogging involves spraying a fine-particle insecticide onto a pest infested area. The insecticide will directly attack the pest that has been identified by our team and kill all specimens.